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8th November 2018

Dear Families,

Welcome back to the new half term. It has been lovely to see the children come back to school eager and ready to learn.

Thank you to all of you who support our ethos of promoting health and wellbeing by walking to school when you can and enabling your children to attend after school clubs. A big thank you also to all the EYFS families who are currently supporting their children in their physical and mental development by attending SPLAY sessions.

We are continually evaluating our health and safety procedures and we politely ask all our families to support this by parking and driving safely, not blocking residents’ access, school emergency exits, reserved and disabled bays and leaving the bus bays clear. We understand that not everyone is able to walk to school and appreciate your co-operation around this.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all our families who support our children and staff in upholding our expectations. Our expectations are for all – children and adults and they form an integral part of our ethos and vision.

You can do this by bringing your child to school, collecting them on time and not taking them out of school for holidays during term time (Being in the right place at the right time, being so-operative and doing your best); supervising your children whilst on the school premises and on the journey to and from school – eg: not allowing them to wander into the forest area or climb on the new climbing frame or the bike shed (being safe); treating each other, our staff and children with respect, including being respectful of culture and faith (being respectful and using appropriate communication); supporting your children and the school at events and with home learning (doing our best); talking to us calmly and politely if something has upset you or your child (using appropriate communication, being co-operative and managing feelings appropriately).

If you would like further information about our expectations, please speak with your child’s class teacher and see how you can further support you child.

Thank you again for your continued support. Working together enables our vision for your children to thrive – Shaping The future. Making Memories. Ready for Life.

The Lyndhurst Team