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23rd May 2020

Dear Families,

Thank you for continuing to support the Lyndhurst families in these unprecedented times.

As you are aware the Government would like schools to open to more children from identified groups from the beginning of June if it is safe to do so. Thank you to all of you who have responded to our surveys, which have shown us that many of you are still unsure as to whether you would send your children back to school in June if we were able to accommodate them.
As a parent myself I understand the anxieties that you may be having. Our children are our life and as parents we do whatever is in our power to keep them safe. At the moment there’s lots of media speculation about what will or won’t happen in June, there’s conflicting information in the media and lots of the information being shared is confusing.

We are currently working with The Trust, our Governors and the school team to look at how a phased return to school might look. We have not got any firm plans yet and any plans we do put in place will be thoroughly risk assessed. They will also be flexible and assessed on a daily basis. I cannot promise you that if your child returns to school in June that we will be able to accommodate them every day. I cannot promise you that if your child returns to school in June that they will be taught by their class teacher.
We do know at this stage that any phased return to school will involve children and adults working in teams or bubbles. This means that they will work within a small group of children and adults and this team won’t change. This is to ensure minimum contact with minimum people.

I can share with you that classrooms will be set up so that desks are 2 metres apart and that children and adults will be expected to keep to social distancing of 2 metres at all times. This will mean that your child would be in a classroom with a maximum of 9 children and they will not mix with any other children or adults outside of their team. This will include lunch and break times.

Lunch will be eaten in the classroom and children will not play outside in the usual way. Children will not be able to bring food into school from home and every family will be asked to sign a COVID parental contract.
The start and end of the day will be staggered, and you will be expected to be punctual and adhere to social distancing marks which will be on the playground.

In order to support keeping children and adults safe, we are currently in the process of purchasing additional hand washing supplies, so that we can ensure that everyone can wash their hands frequently. We will also increase the number of times the building is cleaned, including throughout the day.

As we want to ensure optimum safety for all we would need to spend the first few days after ‘half term’ providing training for staff in the new expectations and how to administer first aid using the appropriate PPE equipment.

As Head it is my job to ensure that everyone is safe and I will not open the school to any more pupils if I am not completely happy with the risk assessments put in place.

I know that this letter will not answer all your questions and that as new guidance and advice comes out things will change. In order to help support any further questions you may have I will be hosting a live session on the Lyndhurst FaceBook page on Monday 1st June at 5pm. If you have any questions you would like me to answer please send them to by Friday 29th May 2020, so that I can have time to prepare answers for you. I need you to know that this will be my very first FB Live event, so please bear with me on the technology side!

In the meantime, please keep connecting with us in the ways that you are. I am truly humbled by the support and engagement we have from you all.
Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Egan-Walsh and the Lyndhurst Team

Government Advice on Schools Reopening: