Year 5

Homework Project Autumn Half Term

We would like the children to create their own homework project by October 22nd based on our topic of Ancient Greece. The project can be creative, scientific, written, drawn, made or a combination of all of these. There is no book to complete it in so the only limits are your imagination!

It must be based on a Greek myth, for example; Theseus and the Minotaur, Perseus and the Gorgon, Pandora’s Box etc.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Watch this space for photos of the work you bring in!


The children should be practising their Year 5/6 spelling words at home every week. This website has some great ideas to help!

They can also practise times tables here:

These websites have some great information to support we are currently doing in class:



Topic – Ancient Greece

Blackpool Zoo

Our trip to Blackpool Zoo last week was fantastic! What a great way to start our topic ‘How Do Plants and Animals Rely on Each Other to Survive?’ We saw some amazing animals from all over the world and learned about animal life cycles in our classroom session. We also got to meet Tony the lizard!

Outdoor Maths

The good weather has given us plenty of opportunities to work outdoors. Here we are working on some Maths problems in pairs. One of us is being the tutor and the other is being the tutee. We had to explain how we found our answers.

The Nowhere Emporium

Year 5 have just finished reading ‘The Nowhere Emporium’ by Ross MacKenzie. It has been our favourite book EVER! The children gave a spontaneous round of applause as we finished the last chapter.

We are working on our own ‘Book of Wonders’ and the children were so inspired that they wanted to try and persuade the author to pay us a visit. Here are some of the letters we wrote. What do you say, Ross Mackenzie??Y

Look at some of our descriptions!

We were so inspired by The Nowhere Emporium, we created our own ‘Wonder Rooms’ using our wildest imagination! We are putting together our own ‘Book of Wonders’ We hope Ross MacKenzie is impressed!

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Year 5 Long Term Plan

Year 5 MTP – Autumn

Home Learning

Try these activities to support classroom learning!



Year 5 & 6 Spelling List

Pick out the tricky ones to practise!

Some useful topic websites!

Is there life on Mars??

Year 5 had great fun transforming the Roamers into Mars Rovers! We used lots of Maths and Computing skills to program them to collect rock samples from different parts of the planet’s surface!