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Thank you to everyone who completed our Parent Questionnaire. We have analysed the results and are looking at how we can further develop our practice to meet the needs of all our children, parents and carers. Below are the results:

We also received some extremely supportive comments from parents:

“My daughters teaching during her time in reception has been great. Some work to do at home would be appreciated other than her standard reading book. For example maths work. The phonics workshops for parents have been a great help in understanding how the school teach the children and us to continue this at home. Something similar for maths would be appreciated.”

“I love the school. I’m so glad that I’ve made right choice for my little one.”

“The school has improved immensely and I am happy with my child’s overall progress. I feel the school is always trying to make it better.”

“Excellent support from class teachers and senior easy to approach and talk to with any concerns or queries.”

“Very good school. My son is very happy here office staff are lovely. Office staff always welcome us with a smile.”

“Lyndhurst is a wonderful school.”

“Today’s parent meeting is the best one I have been to. . . . . Ever. Very fair, informative, good summary where my child is at in each subject area. I feel that progress is evident once comments are made by parents and sometimes the input required by the school is self evident. Good communication is paramount. Don’t become complacent! All staff seem much more polite, professional and above all positive!”

“Very happy with my child’s education. He has become a very confident individual. Thank you.”

Autumn 2018 Parent/Carer Survey Link