Our School

In May 2006 work began on the building of a new school and work was completed in August 2007.

This state of the art new building comprises of 2 levels. Classrooms have been designed to maximise learning opportunities and large shared areas allow for group and whole class work as well as independent learning. Each Key Stage has its own kitchen and art areas.

The school has a large hall and a gymnasium as well as benefiting by having a library and a drama studio all of which enable us to offer a broad and creative curriculum in a superb learning environment.

At Lyndhurst pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum, which engages all children. We have a carefully organised programme of work, which includes all subjects of the National Curriculum.

Teachers utilise and adapt the Literacy and Numeracy Strategies, enabling children to apply skills developed in English and Maths to the other subjects in the wider curriculum.

A wide variety of strategies are used in our teaching according to the children’s needs.  We may team-teach, use registration groups or small withdrawal groups depending on the task. Homework is provided according to a clear policy, throughout the school

The quality of teaching and learning is carefully monitored to ensure continuous improvement