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Lyndhurst Primary Academy


The computing curriculum links very strongly with our vision to help create children that are “Ready for Life”. Technology is already a very prevalent part of life and one can only predict that this will become stronger in time.

When a child leaves Lyndhurst, they should have the knowledge and understanding to be safe online and how to handle situations when they come across inappropriate content as well as having the knowledge and understanding to be professional and appropriate when needed to.
Most jobs will require them to use some sort of technology on a daily basis and children should have the opportunities to explore this. They should have the basic understanding of what technology can be capable of. With this the most widely used software is Microsoft and therefore the children should have a basic understanding towards Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, One Note, Publisher, Excel, Teams. This also links in with the Focus Trust Digital Strategy.

Skills wise, children should be able to touch type or use both hands to type on a keyboard and be respectful towards hardware.

They should have the knowledge and understanding to research online independently and be able to make decisions about which software is best for them to use to suit their purpose.

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