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Lyndhurst Primary Academy


Geography is the study of places around the world and the relationships between people
and their environments. Our Geography curriculum aims to inspire curiosity and fascination
about the world and its people. This will equip our children with an understanding of people,
places, environments, and the interactions between them.
At Lyndhurst Primary, we believe children learn best when they are actively engaged in their
own learning. We aim to give children a broad understanding of Geography through
creative, hands-on learning activities that engage and inspire the children. The teaching of
Geography gives our children the opportunity to develop an understanding of their place in the world; beginning with their local context of Oldham as part of Greater Manchester and comparisons to places further afield.
One of our key drivers is Geography being an enquiry-led subject that seeks answers to
geographical questions; this makes their learning purposeful. We encourage children to ask
and answer questions to develop their geographical knowledge and curiosity.

Geography Overview Power Point Show (Downloads to your computer)

Geography Concepts Overview