Announcement :

Due to Government guidance, school will be closed from Monday 23rd March 2020 until further notice.

School will be open to the children of ‘Key Workers’ and children in vulnerable groups, as defined in the guidance HERE.


Did you guess who it was? Today’s Guess Who was Mrs Costello! ShapingTheFuture #MakingMemories #ReadyForLife

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Welcome to the Lyndhurst Family Quiz. This is just a bit of fun for you...

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See the image below for today’s daily challenge. Post pictures of you completing the challenge...

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Welcome to Lyndhurst Primary School and thank you for visiting our website.

At Lyndhurst we believe in investing in our children, families and staff. Our children are the future generation of Pilots, Doctors, Scientists and Politicians. Our children are ready for whomever they want to be and whatever they want to do.  What happens at Lyndhurst will shape them not just for the here and now, but for the next phase of their education and beyond.

We believe passionately in making a difference to all children, holistically and academically and we are built on an ethos of mutual respect for all.  Our ethos and values are built on seven expectations which link intrinsically with British Values and readiness for life.

As Head I can honestly say that I love everything about Lyndhurst and I work on the principle of ‘If it’s not good enough for my own child, then it’s not good enough for Lyndhurst!’

Mrs Egan-Walsh



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